Valentine’s Day Weddings

The romance and ambience of Valentine’s Day add brilliance to any wedding ceremony. For as long as Valentine’s Day has been around—since 496 AD, to be exact—there has never been a more romantic day to tie the knot and exchange your vows. Not only can you schedule your wedding on February 14th, but you can take thematic elements from Valentine’s Day, too. Not only will the décor wow your guests, the photographs and videos will look stunning as well. Here are some Valentine’s Day wedding ideas and tips to help you create a ceremony that emanates love:

Heartfelt Colours

Though red is what immediately comes to mind, Valentine’s Day has multiple colour palettes to use. Think in terms of dusty rose, damask, burgundy, and silver for a more elegant wedding venue. Conversely, you can go with pastels, such as cream, pastel pinks and peaches, and lace. These colours can be used to tie the entire wedding venue together by appearing on the invitations, the table settings, in the food selections, the bridesmaids dresses, and even your own gown and accessories.

Valentine’s Wedding Flowers

Floral arrangements go beyond the bouquet and can be used everywhere, because what’s Valentine’s Day without long-stemmed roses, pink carnations, stargazer lilies, pink and red tulips, purple irises, and pink or red peonies? There are a number of gorgeous flowers out there that can be arranged to suit the mood and theme of your wedding, and you can place them on tables, around the room, adorn arches, and more. You can even use edible flowers, such as rose petals and pansies, on the cake or in the refreshment bowl.

For wedding photographs, we recommend floral wreaths, arches, and fairy lights! Candles are also a wonderful element.

Libations and Snacks

A Valentine’s Day wedding would be incomplete without themed food selections. For example, you can consult with a bartender or catering service to create a Valentine’s Day cocktail that features lovely flavours like pomegranate, chocolate, or strawberry. Rose wines and pink champagnes also work well. As for food, you can get as creative as you want, such as chocolate fondue with fresh berries, pink ombre macaroons, red velvet cake, and heart-shaped bread, pies, and more.


Are you ready to make a statement? Then create a rose petal runway to walk towards the place where you say “I do.” There’s a number of ways you can create this awe-inspiring setting, such as creating a mosaic of red and pink petals or going for ombre, where white starts at one end and slowly transitions to a bright red where the groom awaits!

You can also set up pillars of plants or roses along the runway that spill more dramatic petals and fronds, such as non-floral integrifolia, feathers, and lace or tulle. This creates a picture perfect setting for incredible wedding photographs, as well.

A Valentine’s Day wedding promises to be romantic and magical—and it starts off your lasting union with the love of your life in the best way possible. By incorporating romantic elements into your wedding ceremony and decorations, you can create a breathtaking experience for everyone.

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