Making Food With Beer 

Making Food With Beer

Beer is amazing all on its own! It has so many uses that we are still discovering new ones all the time. Aside from being used as a beverage, beer is quite commonly used in cooking. Is has a wide variety of uses, when it comes to cooking food. What are these uses? Allow me to answer that question for you!

Beer Batter

Probably the most common use for beer in food is beer batter. Beer batter is used in many countries, but is most common in European and American countries. Simply adding beer to your typical batter recipe gives the batter a thick, crispy texture. The most obvious use for this is English fish and chips, a well-known recipe that is both simple and delicious! Do not limit yourself, though! Beer batter works on everything from fish to onion rings, to chicken. Try it out! Be creative!


Beer can be Added to Stews

One of the worst mistakes you can make with cooking a stew is using primarily water! Water is very good for you, obviously, but it adds so little flavour to a dish that if it is the primary ingredient, then it often tastes quite bland. Instead of adding so much water, you can add beer! Beer provides a sugary-bitter flavour profile to your stew, bringing out the flavours of all the other components that are inside the stew. So if you want to show off your mad cooking skills, this would be a good way to go!

Beer is Used in Marinades

If you’re marinating fish for the evening, or even a whole chicken, beer can be a vibrant addition to your marinade. Leaving the meat to soak in that alcoholic goodness leaves it juicy and tender by the time you’ve cooked it. Adding beer to your marinade will keep your meat from drying out, as well as adding a boat-load of new flavour! Try it out the next time you’re having a barbeque!

Beer can even be used in chocolate cakes!

Ever wanted to bake a chocolate cake but you ran out of milk? Not to worry, just add beer! It is possible and highly recommended to use beer in a chocolate cake! Generally, the style of cake that the beer works best in is a chocolate cake made with sour cream and topped with cream cheese. The measurements need to be just right so that the beer doesn’t overpower the sweetness of the cake, as well as to keep the cake from falling apart as the beer will loosen the solidity of the cake!

Beer can be Used in Many Other Things!

We have barely even begun discussing the various uses of beer! There are hundreds of different things that you can put it inside that increase the quality and uniqueness of each dish that it is placed in. So get on out there and start making recipes of your own! See what else you can find that beer works in; and when you do, let me know so I can enjoy it with you!

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